Set AutoNaming

Set AutoNaming This tool sets the name (and keeps it linked to the assembly name) for all elements contained in the assembly.

Set AutoNaming

This tool works in two modes:

  • Only elements that match the name of the Assembly
    • it only changes the name part of the child elements that contain the same name as the parent assembly, it leaves the others unchanged.
  • All children use numbering items
    • while, in this case, it will change the name of all the elements by connecting it to that of the parent and completing it with the rules set in the dialog box.


  • Select assembly,
  • drop the tool into the scene to apply the default preset,
  • or drop with the right mouse button to open the dialog where you can set the naming rules (which will become the new default),

Set AutoNaming

right-click the assembly and select:

  • AutoNaming Settings… - to reopen dialog and change the rules,
  • Update Children Names - to update the names of parts, for example if new parts are added to the assembly,
  • Remove Auto Rename - to remove the tool from the assembly.

You can also use Remove AutoNaming to remove the tool.

In ProActive Manager, assemblies that have AutoNaming are shown in Bold Blue Font Set AutoNaming

To set the default rule, you can drag the tool with the right mouse button into the scene, without any active selection, the dialog box will open, set the new rules and confirm.