Export Unfolded Part

Export Unfolded Part catalog icon The Export unfolded part tool is a very convenient command for exporting sheets metal part to dxf or dwg files. It is possible to export a single sheet metal, a selection of sheet metal or all the sheets metal of the scene.

Export Unfolded Part catalog


  1. to export a single sheet metal, drop the tool on the sheet to export.
  2. to export a selection of sheets metal, first select the sheets, then drop the tool into the scene.
  3. to export all sheets metal, drop the tool into the scene.

After releasing the tool, a dialog box with optins appears, this is divided into three areas:

  1. Export in the Folder: where and how to export the file. Export Unfolded Part catalog
  2. Drawing Settings: the format you prefer for export, how to construct the filename and if you want to create an ICD drawing in addition to a DXF/DWG file (the template file is in ../ICMechanical/Templates/Drawing/ UnfoldTemplateEmpty.icd). Export Unfolded Part catalog
  3. Drawing Options: how and what to write in the DXF/DWG file (these options are not available if you choose Create ICD env.) Export Unfolded Part catalog Elaborate Parallel Faces is useful if there are particular processes such as Counterbore Holes, Dimple, Lance, Semi-Pierce Protrusion…

If the element is mirrored, the char M is added to the end of the exported file name. This is done in order to be sure that two parts having the same informations (PartName, PartNumber, Material etc.) but with different mirror state, are both exported to DXF/DWG.

You can set the default parameters on Utils tab in global settings Configuration.

And you can set the Templates folder on General tab

These are the templates used by the application:

This file contains some DXF variables that you can set. As example, it’s possible to change the DecimalPlace, the TextHeight, the TextAlignement and other variables related to DXF. This file is used whe you export directly the parts to the DXF.

This file is similar to the previous and it’s used when you export the parts using an icd file

Is the template used to export unfolded parts using the icd file

Is used by the Get Coordinates tool. This is a standard DXF file that can be modified for the customer purposed. We use it when the coordinates get from the model are to be exported in DXF.