Left panel - Browser

ProActive Manager


In the upper left part of the dialog box, there are some icons to control the tree view display: ProActive Manager

Some icons appear in the TreeView to indicate that the elements contains particular information:
Assembly Name in Bold Blue Font - it means it has AutoNaming
ico>< - it means it has Attachments
ico>< - it means it has Revisions
ico>< - it means it has PostIt Note
ico>< - it means it has Status Color
ico>< - it means it is a linked file and ico>< the path.


ico>< - Select in the Scene the selected TreeNodes
ico>< - Update the TreeViews, Refresh, Expand and Collapse All
ico>< - Select Element in BOM Grid (only active when there is a BOM grid)
ico>< - Hide Selected Elements, Hide Unselected and Show All
ico>< - Ghost Selected Elements, Ghost Unselected, UnGhost All
ico>< - Zoom on Selected Item
Each click rotates the view by 90 degrees, but if the item is selected in the scene, the first click shows it in the browser and in the BOM tab
ico>< - Set Trasparent All Other Parts
ico>< - Suppress All Other Parts
ico>< - Suppress/UnSuppress the Selection
ico>< - Exchange Selection
ico>< - Create new configuration (only active when use Suppress All Other Parts)

BOM Management

icons to manage the BOM: ProActive Manager ico>< - Create BOM
ico>< - BOM Settings
ico>< - Open Settings Dialog…
ico>< - Open BOM Configuration Manager…


and some utility icons: ProActive Manager ico>< - Search by Properties
SearchThe results will be shown in the Search tab (see bottom of this page)
ico>< - Set TreeView Sort Option
TreeView SortSorts by PartName, Creation date, PartNumber or Category; the last option sets the new sorting to the SceneBrowser
ico>< - Search and Replace Text inside elements
dialog ico>< - Rename Children Parts (active only when an assembly is selected)


In the bottom edge there are four tabs:

Scene Browser

It is the same tree view as the scene ProActive Manager

By Type

Is a treeview divided by type of elements grouped automatically into: assemblies, parts, sheetmetals, 3D curves, external links, fasteners and steels; it is also possible - with the right click - to Suppress/Unsuppress all elements in the group. ProActive Manager

Included in BOM

Shows the elements included in the BOM, or those not included or see them both (with the combobox below you can choose how to see them) ProActive Manager

This tab containing the results of the search function;

search for a multiple fields: ProActive Manager search for a Status filter: ProActive Manager

or the result of Search by Properties. ProActive Manager

For how to set the search function see here .