Bottom panel - BOM Grid

ProActive Manager In the Bottom Side of the dialog the Bill Of Materials is shown, normally it is hidden, to show it you have to create a BOM.


Above the BOM there are some icons to control the grid:

ico>< - Update BOM and Import from Excel
import bom ico>< - Export Grid BOM in txt format or in other formats:
see here how to set Export BOM export bom

ico>< - Print Preview Grid BOM (open dialog)
print preview ico>< - Print Grid BOM (directly)

ico>< - Autoresize All Columns during resizin of the dialog
ico>< - Auto Fit all the columns of the BOM
ico>< - Save the Template file of Columns Layout
ico>< - Restore the Columns Layout usin Template file

ico>< - Show Parent CustomData to Children Elements
ico>< - Clear Parent CustomData to Children Elements
Show/Clear Assembly CustomData in Children Parts, only if you have enabled the “Inherited by Children” setting in a BOM configuration.

ico>< - Toggle Selection Mode
Allows you to select multiple grid cells, useful for copying and pasting them in other areas or in other applications such as Word, Excel…

ico>< - Set Custom Sort
sort Normally to sort the grid you can click on the column name, with Set Custom Sort you can sort the grid by more than one column. sort setting

ico>< - Set Row Filter
Row Filter When the option is enabled, a new icon appears at the top of the rows, clicking on which brings up a menu for selecting a quick filter or a custom one. Row Filter setting

ico>< - Open the BOM in a new dialog, (is up there on the right), effectively detaching the BOM grid in a separate window; this behavior can be set as the default choice in BOM Settings -> BOM Option Grig
ico>< - Close BOM, (is up there on the right) closes the active BOM grid.

ProActive Manager At the bottom of the BOM there are one or more BOM tabs, with the name of the selected file or assembly, and in square brackets which [BOM configuration name] was used to create it.

In the example above there are two ones, the first of the entire file and the second of the Shaft assembly only, both with the configuration [Material_Weigth].

To view the BOM you want, you need to create a configuration and set it in BOM settings to choose what to include, and how to format the different columns, etc.