Management of Price

ProActive Manager

Possibility to manage the prices related to elements in the ProActveBOM. All the prices and the rules about the price calculation are store in the file IPROBOMPriceList.xlsx, stored in the ..\Prefs\ folder of IC-Mechanical.

The meaning of the fields is:

  • PriceCode/PartNumber: This is the key search about the price; it could be a custom data named PriceCode or, if the custom doesn’t exist, the PartNumber of the element.
  • Price: It’s the unitary price to be used for the elaboration.
  • Unit of Measure: That is a integer value that define the way to calculate the final price; at the moment, the available values are:
    • 1 - Unit Price
    • 2 - by Linear Meter
    • 3 - by Square Meter
    • 4 - by Cube Meter
    • 5 - by Kg Weight
    • 20 - by Linear Millimeters
    • 30 - by Square Millimeters
    • 40 - by Cube Millimeters

In order to have the Price reported in the BOM, it’s necessary to define a field in the BOMConfig related to the Price: ProActive Manager

When the field related to Price is defined, the elements in the scene are elaborated in this way:

  • All the parts or assemblies (treated as part) are elaborated in order to get a price.
    1. If the element has a custom data named PriceCode, this will be used to search a correspondence with the first column of the Excel file.
    2. If PriceCode is not defined, it will be used the value of PartNumber.
    3. If in Option of GetValue in IPROBOMPriceList you use <MATERIAL> tag, will be used the value of Material.
    4. If in Option of GetValue in IPROBOMPriceList you use <MyCustomTitle> tag, will be used the value of MyCustomData
    • After the calculation, the resulted price will be reported on the grid.
    • If the correspondence is found, the price is calculated using the properties (Unit=quantity, Linear=length, Square=area, Cube=volume, Kg=weight) of the element.

ProActive Manager

When the element is an assembly, all the children’s elements are evaluated, and the sum of the prices is reported in the grid. ProActive Manager