Config BOM

ProActive Manager

To create a custom BOM (to set the data you want to show and which types of attributes to include in the bom) click on the BOM Configuration Manager… button.

ProActive Manager

This is the default configuration with the three standard lines; PartNumber, Quantity and Description.

In the left part of the dialog there is the list of configurations, while on the right the list of attributes of the selected configuration (which will generate the bill of materials).

ProActive Manager

To create a new configuration click on the first button on the top left, then name the new configuration by two slow clicks on the name to change it.

To add more rows, click in the next available row in the Title column and enter a name. The title is the name of the column itself in the BOM. ProActive Manager

Then select - in the Get value from… column - the property (Part Property) to link to that column in the BOM. A drop-down menu appears where there are several properties to choose from.

Show all Variables available in Column Get From:

The Format column set the format to display data in the BOM and is automatically filled with the correct value:

  • %s for text string,
  • %i for integer,
  • %f.2 for floating where the number after the dot indicates the number of decimals,
  • %fc.2 for custom floating where the character after fc is the decimal separator.

The Count By column is used to control which property is used to count parts/assemblies with similar properties. The number is added and displayed in the list column of the BOM (Quantity) unlike the bom in the 2D drawing, any value can be used here!

With Ref. for StructuredBOM, you can control which property should be primary, using multiple selections in Count by. It is therefore possible to summarize in the BOM with more than one property (but it is only possible when using the Multi Level BOM type).

Inherited by Children means that this field (if “Get Value from…” is set to “CustomData Value”) can be used to set the value of the father in the child parts; it should be used in conjunction with the commands in the BOM grid “Show Parent CustomData to Children Elements” and “Clear Parent CustomData to Children Elements”.

Sum Column allows you to sum all the values of the column and in BOM grid a row with the totals of this column will be added.

The order of the Title column from top to bottom is also the order of the columns of the BOM grid from left to right. ProActive Manager

The icons on the left are for: ico><

  • create a new configuration
  • save the configuration
  • save configuration with a new name
  • open a saved configuration
  • delete configuration

The icons on the right are for: ico><

If you turn on the advanced setting, the dialog box expands down and there are three sections here: ProActive Manager

Export BOM

If you directly export the BOM to txt or cvs file, you can set the separator character for the fields, the character of the decimal separator, the path (if the path is not set, the file will be saved in the current folder) and the name of the file to export the BOM, see here how for Export BOM.

MSExcel Export Settings

If you export the Bill of Materials to an Excel file, you can designate a specific initial template file and sheet for the BOM to be exported to. This feature allows for greater customization and efficiency in the export process.

Folder for VirtualCode Datafiles

If you want to replace real PartNumbers with virtual codes, enter the search path here.