BOM Type

The BOM Type of the flyout menu allows you to check which parts and how should be displayed in the BOM and how to create the BOM itself. ProActive Manager

Top Level BOM

Displays only the elements in the top level of the Scene Browser or the elements below the selected assembly.

Only Parts BOM

Show parts only and excludes all assemblies that use the Expand option in BOM; however, assemblies that use Treat as Part are considered “parts” and appear in the BOM.

Flat BOM

It shows a flat structure as BOM Parts Only, but here you can also choose to include or not include the assembly using Treat as Part or Expand.

And whether to include in count the children parts of Assemblies not in BOM. ProActive Manager With the Options menu you can select how assemblies using the Treat as Part setting should be handled and whether they should be shown (or not shown) in the BOM.


  • Treat as Assembly - forces all assemblies set to Treat as Part to expand (so ignore treats as part).
  • Treat as Part - then use Treat as Part just as they are set.

Add to BOM

  • Add the item to the BOM - then show these assemblies as parts in the BOM.
  • Don’t add the item to the BOM - so do not show these assemblies in the BOM.

Structured BOM (Stop on Assemblies Treated as Part)

It does not show parts that are included in assemblies set as Treat As Part. The generated BOM will manage the element numbers in different columns (Level 0, Level 1, etc.) thus re-applying the Scene Browser tree.

Multi Level BOM (Force Expand on All Assemblies)

Shows all elements below the selected layer, even if assemblies use the Treat as Part setting. This is a great way to create a complete list of projects with all components.

Multi Assemblies BOM

Automatically create multiple tabs with BOMs, where each tab is a BOM of each assembly in the 3D file.

The Level n° option allows you to set the depth of the search in the tree.

A super fast way to create multiple BOMs at once ;-)

Multi BOM by Category

Automatically create multiple tabs with BOMs, where each tab is a BOM divided by Category.

If you want to create a specific BOM configuration for each category, you must give the Configuration the same name as the category. ProActive Manager