Create BOM

ProActive Manager

To create a BOM, the file (the red IronCAD icon) or an Assembly in the Scene Browser must be selected, then click the Create BOM button.

The dialog box expands at the bottom and the BOM is shown.
For an explanation of the icons, see here.

Each created BOM will appear in a new tab showing at the bottom (if it is not already an existing one, in this case it is updated).

ProActive Manager

The tab name is composed of the name of the selected file or assembly and enclosed in square brackets the name of the [ BOM configuration ] used to create it.

In the example above there are two ones, the first of the entire file CX500 Transmission.ics with the configuration [Default] and the second of the Shaft assembly only, with the configuration [Material_Weigth].

To close the active BOM tab, click the red cross icon on the right side.