Text 3D

Text 3D This tool can create a 3D text part or 2D profile with all fonts avaible in the system.

3D text tool

If you drag on an existing part, you can also choose to create a cutting extrusion or material added, and you can use the BOM data or CustomData of the part to fill the text.

3D text shapes

On the left side of the dialog box there are buttons to choose font, size and styles; below them is the area where you write text.

3D text area

While in the right part of the dialogue there are two zones, the first to define the Shape (part, intellishape or 2d profile), if you want to create a shape for each letter, whether to use the BSpline for the curves and the level of facet; the second to define the SizeBox of the text, the aspect lock and the alignment for the multiline.

For edit the text and values, right clic on intellishape and select Add-on Properties…

This is an example of the features available.

3D text example