Views Manager

Views Manager

Views Manager

Useful tool for saves and restores camera status, active configuration and item visibility. This tool also stores the suppression status of the elements. It is a kind of “enhanced” Camera and Configuration Save, with a preview image and some text fields to use for documentation. All this information (images and text) can be exported to an MSExcel or MSWord document.


  1. Drop the tool into scene,
  2. Adjust the view, hide or suppress unnecessary elements , or select the configuration and then click Save Current View/Configuration,
  3. Add view title, description and note,
  4. Repeat step 2 and 3,
  5. Export to MsWord or MsExcel,
  6. or save all images in one folder.

Views Manager The buttons are used for:

  • Move the saved view Before or After,
  • Save the current view,
  • Update and save the selected view,
  • Delete the current view,
  • Set the size of the image to be saved,
  • Export the History of Views,
  • Export all images in one folder.

Views Manager In the left side of dialog there are a buttons for:

  • set the target camera,
  • use TriBall for set target point,
  • set the view orientation with Z axis,
  • set angle of rotation view,
  • buttons for rotation by angle,
  • set step of pan view,
  • buttons for move view by step.