Create Explosion

Create Explosion

Create Explosion

With this command it is possible to create different types of exploded views, which are saved in the configurations.


  • Drop the tool into the scene to create an exploded view of all elements.
  • To create an exploded view of only the selected elements, first select the elements, then drop the tool into the scene.
  • Now drag the slider or type the explosion percentage, and dynamically see the result.


The icons at the top allow you to: Create Explosion

  • Set a new selection to explode:
    • useful for redefining the elements to explode from now on.
  • Remove items from selection…
  • Add items to the selection…
  • Show active selection:
    • useful for seeing the elements that are subject to the explosion.
  • Show TriBall in the center of the explosion:
    • useful for redefining the center point from which to start the explosion.

You can explode elements from: Create Explosion

  • the center of the footprint of all elements
  • following the Z direction of each element (Z is the long green whisker on the Anchor)
  • following the negative Z direction of each element

Explode Assembly to treat as Part: if you check this box, you also explode the elements in these assemblies. Create Explosion

Configuration Name: set a name to the configuration to assign to this explosion. Create Explosion