Revision Manager

Revision Manager The Revision Manager tool allows you to manage the revisions of parts and assemblies of the entire scene.

The tool must be dragged to an empty area of the scene.

Revision Manager The dialog box is divided into three areas, on the left the scene browser structure, on the top right the information on the selected part, on the bottom right the revision information of the part.

The buttons above the scene browser allow you to:

  • identify in the browser the part selected in the scene;
  • update the TreeView;
  • hide selection, hide unselected ones, show all;
  • zoom the selection (click cycling between standard views).

The two buttons on the right allow you to:

  • export the information of all the parts with revision to an excel file;
  • setting up revisions. Here you can choose the numbering mode (letters or numbers) the order of the review tabs and whether to export the images to the excel file as well. Revision Manager

At the bottom, we have two tabs: Scene shows all parts, Revisions shows only parts with revision.

Revision Manager < The item that has revisions is identified in the scene browser with this icon placed before the name.

Add Revision

In the Revision History section, clicking on the + button adds a revision, here you can enter the validity date, username, description of the revision and any notes. Revision Manager

If there are any revisions, by clicking on the relevant tab you can see the related info; to the right of the date there is the button that allows you to open the file containing the revision. Revision Manager

When creating a revision, the part/assembly file is automatically saved in the Revisions folder inside the project folder, the file name will be: PartName _ Revision _ date.ics

Manage Revisions

Revision Manager To manage the revisions, double click while holding down the SHIFT key in the gray area next to the icons, Revision Manager new icons will be appear:

ico>< - Edit the current revision
ico>< - Remove the selected revision
ico>< - Remove all revisions