Numbering PartNumbers

Numbering PartNumbers ico Element Numbering, allows you to assign an incremental code to an element or selection of elements, by setting a prefix for the project and the increments for the series, you can also assign a category.

The command generates, for each project, a report in Excel format that contains the list of codes assigned to the part/assembly and the relative information (code, file name, element name, type, description, material, date, user).

The directory path where is the file is defined in dialog ICMechSettings - Global Setting -> Numbering

Numbering Part Numbers

Select one or more parts and drag the command to the scene.

In the dialog that appears you choose the project and the series (and possibly a category) to be assigned to the selection, the code will be shown in the bottom box and confirming will be applied to the part.

At the top of the dialog we find four icons for managing the numbering.

Configure Numbering Projects <

Configure Numbering

Numbering Projects - Number Series

In the Projects tab you assign the project name and number, while in the Series tab you set the minimum starting number value, the length of the field, the fill character, the prefix and the postfix.

Reserve Series Number <Reset Counter <

Reserve Series Number & Reset Counter

Reserve Qta Series - Set New Sart

In these dialogs you can reserve coding numbers, or you can assign a new initial value.

Edit Categories <

Edit Categories

Numbering Categories

From this dialog it is possible to manage the list of categories.