Pack and Go

Ribbon Bar 3D

This tool is useful to export the active 3D scene with all its external 3D and 2D files.

This tool only works with 3D scenes that have externally linked files.

Pack and Go

There are three export modes available:

  • Unlink all externally linked files and save the new scene in a New file
  • Copy the scene and all linked files in a New folder
  • Copy the scene and all the linked files in a new Zip file

if you choose to copy the scene or the Zip, other options will be activated:

  • Copy the Attachments file
  • Keep the folder hierarchy
  • Copy also the 2D drawings
    • Copy all the drawings
    • Copy only the drawings that have the same name as the 3D file
    • Relink the 2D with the new 3D file

If you have many drawings and have chosen to reconnect 2D files, the processing time will increase accordingly.

  • Show the elaboration report at the end Pack and Go