IronCAD Mechanical V. 2023.01


Added new Steel Z profile.

Improved management of attachment points in order to coexist with any user-define points.

Added new Tool Trim at intersection for automatic cutting at intersections.

Added the possibility of creating the Sweep element along the 3D curve with any steel.

Added option to remove any existing cut.

Added option to remove end cuts to IPROSteels dialog.

Corrected wording for cuts at profile ends.

Added possibility to insert final offsets to reinforcements.

Custom Steel

Added the possibility of placing Custom Profiles along a path.

Suppress manager

Added the possibility of suppressing bolt holes as well


Suppression of columns in expanded dialog.

Added possibility to assign a user name dialogue PROActivePart.

Activation/deactivation of automatic grid resizing.

Ability to assign a colour to the part.

Added functions to manage parameters in different grids (named Groups).

Added grid and events for setting and managing Custom or BOM properties.

Set AutoNaming

Added commands to assign automatic renaming to assemblies, so that children parts can be auto-matically renamed when the assembly name is changed.

Numbering PartNumbers

Improved numbering functionality. Suppressed entities or those not to be included in the BOM are now not numbered. In addition, internally linked elements are now handled correctly, avoiding unnecessarily increasing the counter.

Setting Material

Improved file management Materials if the folder is mapped on the network, the correct solution is to transform the mapped drive name into the UNC name of the connection. E.g. Z: is changed to \ComputerName.

Pipes Library

New elements added to the Pipes catalog.

Boss Thread

Improved positioning of the threaded part in relation to the downturn.

Selection To Configuration

The SelectionToConfig command allows the configuration name to be defined in the same way as the file name is defined for DXF export. To view these settings, simply drag the command with the right button.

Sphere on COG

Improved integration with mirrored elements.

Face to DXF/ Export Unfolded

Improved graphic management of the DXF file, now with the BendStyle.ini file, located in the ..\Template\Drawing\ folder, it is possible to set the level, line type and colour characteristics of the exported fold lines.

Added possibility to set the FileName using material and thickness.

Import 3DXF from Scanner

Improved command, now when importing a 3D DXF file the layers are converted into assemblies.


Added a new Tool to automatically generate railings and fences.


The PRO-Active Manager tool has been powered adding several new features that improve the productivity and made simple operations, that otherwise require a lot of time and management.

Image to attachment

Added button for creating an image of the scene, which is also added as an attachment to the se-lected item.

Assemblies Not in BOM

Added option to process children of an assembly not included in the BOM. Usually these assemblies are used as containers in order to be able to copy child elements more easily, but have no BOM-related functions. Child elements of non-coded assemblies are always processed anyway.

SheetMetal in BOM

Improved the report of the developed face of a sheet metal. With option 1, it is possible to have the bounding box area of the unfolded face. With 0 or no parameter, the actual area of the unfolded face is reported.

Added options to obtain the number and radius of bends of a sheet metal part.

In the treeview By Type, sheet elements are now subdivided into flat sheets and sheets with bends.

Export image in BOM

Added command for exporting images (defining dimensions) of elements in BOM.

By Type BOM

Added possibility of distinguishing selected items in the TreeView By Type.

Added possibility to select/hide/ghost found elements with search function.

Grid BOM Set Row Filter

New tool for filtering items in the BOM, with the possibility of creating customised filters.

Grid BOM in a New Dialog

Added the possibility of displaying bills of materials in a separate window (also as a default choice).


Improved management of previews.

Element Status

Element Status
ICMechanical’s StatusMarker and IronCAD’s StatusMarker have been merged and all tools display-ing it have been updated.