IronCAD Mechanical V. 2022.03

Set AutoNaming

Added a new tool to automatically rename parts in the assembly.


Improved the shape of Screw with nib.

Pack and Go

Consolidated and improved tool: now it’s possible to relink 3D scene and drawing, and you will have a detailed report.

  1. Added column with size of individual linked files, and total size of all linked files.
  2. Added the option to move the exported element to the scene origin.

Export Elements

Added ability to construct the file name of exported elements with Part Number, Name and Description.

Replace Element

Added the option to replace element having the same User Name.


Added the ability to define both thickness of the angular steels

Quick Trim

  1. Improved the tool to trim/extend even with two steels at same time;
  2. And added ability to trim/extend only one side of the steel, drag the tool on the desire terminal with the Alt key pressed.


Added the feature to set the automatic calculation of both diameters (internal or external).

Triball on COG

Improved integration with mirrored elements.

Regenerate Scene

Added a new tool to regenerate all the elements in the scene.

Text 3D

Improved functionality using text in intellishape mode (add or remove material): now you can use the BOM data or CustomData of the part to fill the text.

Face to DXF

Improved tool: now you can also export an additional 2D sketch shape and a txt file with face area and range.

Title Block

Added ability to get the surface of the part.

Selection To Configuration

Added the possibility – by drop the tool with right button – to set the property of the configuration.

Remove AddOn

Added the possibility to remove all parameters from the selected elements by dropping the tool by holding down the ALT key.

Suppress Manager

Added the possibility of suppression through the selection of the State or Category.

Ghost Manager and Isolate Elements

Added the possibility to set the Ghost status and the visibility through Color Status or Category.


The PRO-Active Manager tool has been powered adding several new features that improve the productivity and made simple operations, that otherwise require a lot of time and management.

Suppress By Type

In the TreeView By Type was added the right click option to manage the suppression state type of the elements.

Material for Assembly

Now it is possible to assign material for the assembly if it’s set “to treat as part”

Area and Perimeter in BOM

Added in BOM Configuration the possibility of calculating the area and perimeter of the unfolded sheet, with the choice of only external perimeter (0), only internal figures (1) or the sum of both (2).

Export to Excel

Added the possibility to set the linked cells by taking value from CustomData.

Element Status

Added a new tool to set and manage the Status of element: Enabled the option in Settings and to set the status on assemblies or parts,

The Status is also available in the BOM Settings,
in the search filters,
and in the BOM table.

And, in the end, there is a new tool Set Status/color in the Utils catalog.