IronCAD Mechanical V. 2021.05


The PROActiveManager tool has been powered adding several new features that improve the productivity and made simple operations that otherwise require a lot of time and management.

Search of Elements with empty PartNumber

  1. Some new functionalities help the customer to get in a fast way all the elements having an empty PartNumber. These elements are displayed in the “Not in BOM” TreeView with an icon representing an empty text.

  2. Furthermore, there is a new Fast Search command that get all the element in the scene that are without PartNumber.

  3. The Search section has been improved and now the search of empty fields has been simplified.

Management of the TreeView

  1. The nodes in the TreeViews are displayed using the IronCAD’s settings that allow to choose between PartName, PartCode and Description. In this way the texts show in the TreeViews of PROActiveManager are equal to texts show in the Scene Browser of IronCAD.
  2. Two new commands are available to expand/shrink the nodes in the main TreeView of IPROActiveManager.
  3. The main TreeView of PROActiveManager can be sorted in several ways. Options are available to define the sort order and to keep the TreeView automatically sorted.
  4. Added the reordering of the Tree View by Category.
  5. A new command allows the customer to order the IronCAD Scene Browser in the same way of the main TreeView of PROActiveManager.
  6. The settings that control the export of preview images and file properties, now also control the export to MS Excel Seed files.

Bom Configuration

  1. Added the possibility to obtain the length of the Sweeps and 3D curves.
  2. By setting the option in the BOM configuration, the calculated value will be inserted into the CustomData of element.

Setting of Custom Data using MSExcel cells

It’s now possible set the value of a Custom Data using a cell of an MS Excel file. In this new version of PRO Active Manager there are tool for Set, Edit and Remove the connection with the MS Excel file. Furthermore, it’s possible to import and create Custom Data “linked” to MSExcel in a single operation. A new command allowsthe customer to update the Custom Data reading the value of the linked cell in MS Excel file. Furthermore, a new option controls the update action during the BOM creation.

  1. Selection of an MS Excel cell that will be linked to the Custom Data.
  2. Button to Edit and Remove the Link to MSExcel cell, and tool tip that show the current linked document.
  3. Button to import and create CustomData linked to MSExcel.
  4. Button to Update CustomData reading the MSExcel files.
  5. Option to Update CustomData linked to MSExcel during the BOM creation.


Improved functionality for displaying and management of file attributes (like visibility and ordering) and the ability to change or set it when saving

Set Drill Visibility

Added tool to turn HWDrill on/off

Change Material to SheetMetal Parts

The User Interface of Set Material has been improved in order to allow the setting of Material and Description for Sheet Metal parts.

Set MSExcel Parameters

The parts that have parameters controlled by Excel on selection have an icon that characterizes them fx. In addition, the Part Properties menu has commands to: Show/Edit the parameter association, to Update the part by reading the value from Excel, and to Open the linked Excel file.

Custom Steel Library

Improved the management of the display mode change. Improved positioning and shape recalculation speed.


The dialog of files to print has been modified to allow the selection of the pages to be printed.

Import DXF3D Scanned files

Improved the Tool to import files from Scanner, now supports importing 3D files from FlexiJet, and by dragging with the right button you can choose which elements to import.

Analyze Cylindrical Faces

New tool that allows you to return the number of holes grouped by radius

Select all Linked Elements

New useful tool to select all linked elements within the scene.


This tool has been improved in order to manage the internal linked elements and the mirrored elements. Furthermore, the option dialog has a new option useful to place all the exported geometries on Level 0.

Other improvements have been done on the Quantity calculation and in the management of Imperial Unit of Measure.


At the Save operation is possible to execute a count of element parts base on some filters defined in the IPROSetting tool. The result of the calculation is stored in a Custom Data named Quantity.

It’s possible to run immediatly the command using the tool Count by PartNumber placed in the ICM Tool catalog.