IronCAD Mechanical V. 2021.01

Export Unfolded Part

This tool was improved and some new settings are available in the dialog.

Face to DXF

There are some new options available for this tool. Furthermore, dragging the tool with the Right Mouse Button, it will be available a dialog useful to set the options and to select parallel or coplanar faces to export.

View Manager

This tool has been improved. Furthermore it’s now available an option to set image size


Added an option for the replacement of Profiles equal to the one being modified.

PRO Active Manager

In the BOM Configuration is now possible to get the Single and the Total Weight of the element.

Create PROActiveParts

Added the ability to export DWG drawings for each record of the table.

3D Text

This creation of 3DText using the Smoot Profile (use BSpline) has been improved in order to respect the sizebox Height set in the dialog.

Revision Manager

When a revision is created, a copy of the selected element is saved in the subfolder “Revisions” of the current folder. Furthermore it’s possible to open the previous saved revision in a separate tab of the active instance of IronCAD.

Set Category

Added new command in the catalog for setting the Category.

Set Color

Added new command in the catalog for setting the Color.

Import DXF3D Scanned files

Added tool for DXF3D import from scanners.

Create Blend Plane

Added tool for creating radius/curve profiles for tube curves.


Revised section for saving IronCAD/Inovate settings.

Added a new tool useful to copy settings from the previous existing version of IronCAD/Inovate.