IronCAD Mechanical V. 2020.04


In the tree view By Type now shows the icon for externally connected objects and steel sections are now divided by Type (HE / IPN / Square tubes etc.) with the sum of the total length.

Improved handling of Custom Properties to avoid errors when editing multiple elements at the same time.


Improved performance in large assemblies (> 1000 parts) with many profiles connected externally. Improved control for setting username on internally linked items.

Added a tool for placing parametric railing assemblies.

Improved trimming and extension commands.

Added a new QuickTrim tool to quickly trim or extend the outline to neighboring elements, also works with a multiple selection (drag with right button to show options).

Improved positioning on the 3D Path, it is now possible to set an offset using the triball,

Added the possibility to place the profiles on the 2D sketches.

The tool for positioning the Caps and Stiffener of the profiles has been improved.

Added the option to choose the section of the profiles: Detailed, Simplified, Squared, Squared Fill.

New standard aluminum profiles added.


Now if the required number of decimals is> 0, zeros are added to the integers as well.


Tree view of Unconnected elements has been improved to make the relationship with external linked elements clear.


Added more options to manage the direction and configuration of the explosion.

Export Unfolded Part

The handling of externally connected sheet metal elements has been improved.

Added more options in direct DXF export.

Now you can directly export bend lines and bend annotations without using an icd file. In any case, the option to export the developed part using an icd file is still present and can be used as in previous versions.

Face to DXF ande Profile to DXF

Added new option to IPROSettings to control the folder to export DXF files.

Material SheetMetal Stock

Added a new command useful for managing sheet metal parts and changing the type and thickness of a selection of sheet metal or all sheet metal parts in the scene.


Added the possibility to change legislation to the threaded part.


Added a new tool for splitting objects within models into individual objects, with ours having no internal link maintained between them.


Added a new tool to create SlotHole with parametric control.


Added a new tool that saves and restores camera status, active configuration and item visibility. If the configuration is set to Default, this tool also stores the suppression status of the elements. It is a kind of “enhanced” Camera and Configuration Save, with a preview image and some text fields to use for documentation. All this information (images and text) can be exported to an MSExcel or MSWord document.


Added a new application to check the values of standard components (Fasteners, Steels) within a tool window. Furthermore, by clicking on the StatusBar of the standard component, the relative LibraryManager dialog box will automatically be opened.

Export3D - Export2D - Print

Now you can drag and drop selected files from File Explorer to the tool dialog box list.


New tool for easy configuration management.

Post-It Notes

New tool for managing notes. This tool is also available in the PROActiveManager user interface.


The holes in the Edit TreeView are grouped by type.

CADViewer - CombineDrawings

Several general improvements on these tools.


The application is now based on .NET Framework 4.8

Implemented support for 2K-4K monitors and dual screen configurations.