IronCAD Mechanical V. 2020.01

ProActive Manager

Added the possibility to stop the BOM elaboration pressing the Esc key

Added the option to search empty fields using the condition Is/IsNot and inserting as value of field.

Added the option to search Materials and Feature
Added option to search/filter Surfaces Parts
Added tool useful to manage the Ghost state of the selected elements
Added the option to sort the BOM grid using several columns


Added a tool for creation of structural Stairs

Added a tool for placement of Railings
Added a tool for the creation of caps and ribs

Custom Steels

The UI has been improved. It’s now possible to organize the steel libraries in sub folders.

Furthermore, if the preview file is not present in the folder, the preview image is get from the .ics file.

Ghost Manager

Added a tool useful to manage ghost elements.

Isolate Elements

This tool has been revised and improved


This tool has been revised and improved. In this version it’s about 35-45% faster respect the past.


Added an option useful to create a chamfer at the top of the hole

Elements Along 3D curve

Improved the tool to Place Elements along a 3D wire.


This tool has been completely revised and improved.