IronCAD Mechanical V. 2019.02

Revision Manager

Added the new tool Revisions Manager for arrange and review the revisions of the parts/assemblies in current scene.

Isolate Elements

Added new Isolate Element command for hidden part management.

Set Transparency

Added the new Set Transparency command to manage the transparency status of parts.


The management of the automatic holes has been reviewed and improved.

Added new Hexagonal head Screw with flange.

Added new Hexagonal Nut with flange.


Added the possibility to place the steels along the selected 3D path.

  • Improved cutting/extension functionality.
  • Fixed some problems related to measures in inches.
  • Possibility to manage the Standard of the user in the “..\Norme\User\NameStandard” folder.
  • Added the custom external surface to the tubular profiles.
  • Profiles 8-9-13-14-15-16-17-18 can have within the Data File a useful section to define the Radius applied to the profile.
    ….. This section has the following format:
## -------------------------------------
## Round definition
## Thickness | Ext.Round | Int.Round
> 1.0 | 0.0 | 0.0
> 1.2 | 0.0 | 1.0
> 1.5 | 3.0 | 0.8
> 2.0 | 4.0 | 1.0
> 2.5 | 5.0 | 1.5

As shown in the example, the value 0 is accepted and has the meaning of a missing Radius.

In the event that the Int.Round value is not defined, the Inner Radius will be equal to = (External Radius - Thickness).

In the event that the section relating to the fittings is not defined, the values of the Radius will be equal to = (Thickness/2).

Custom Steels

Possibility to define a different material for each type of Custom Steels and the type of material by default (in the file IPROLIbBOM.INI).

Create Tabs and Slots

Improvement, automatically detect the thickness of the element in contact with the one to insert the tabs.

  • Added positioning mode and custom length.
  • Added the positioning mode without the possibility of edit with dialog.

Revised and improved the external file saving function.


Fixed some problems related to measures in inches. Corrected some features related to bevel pairs.

Face to DXF

Now the texts are placed in the IPROLabels layer

Create Params By Excel

Added new command for importing parameters from MS Excel.

Code generator

The SM_Unfold option set in the sizebox calculation allows to obtain the value of the developed sheet-metal.

Possibility of obtaining the value of the custom data from the parent, using the expression ..\NameCustom

and get the value from the child, through the expression ..\Assy1\Assy2\Part\NameCustom

The Custom Data grid show all the custom data defined for the element.


Added option to define the exact diameter value on threaded holes.

Place on Wire

Added the possibility to place the pipes along the selected 3D path.

Cut Pipe

Improved cut command. Now it is possible to insert elements along a tube, cutting the tube itself.

Modify Pipes

Added a new command to change the size/thickness of all the tubes within an assembly.

Suppress Manager

Added method to Select/Delete/Suppress/Unsuppress elements based on their color.

IPRO CAD Viewer – Face to DXF

Added Zoom and Panning features

Added change color to background/element.

Added view on/off level and change color.

Create PROActiveParts

Improved visibility of editable fields.


Rewritten the function for calculating the position of the hole. Now, hole mirrored are make correctly.

Set Material - Custom Steels - Steels

Material management changed.

Materials changed with IPROSetMaterial were not updated to the new value after a component change or update. To do this IPROSetMaterial now sets the variables Name 16 and 17 with file name and material name.

Edit Materials (IPROSettings - Set Material)

Added the command to edit the material files.


This tool has some new functionalities. Furthermore some existing functions have been improved.

1) Revision

Added new tool to set up revisions in the elements present in the scene

2) Analysis

Improved assemblies analysis function (weight, surface, volume).

3) Display

Sort of the Tree View and display icons of elements treated as surfaces.

4) BOM

Added the ability to create a BOM of all the selected items.

5) Mass Density

Added possibility to report Mass Density as field of the BOM

6) GetFrom parameter

In resolving the GetFrom parameter, all the child parameters of the element are also considered.

7) SheetMetal Unfold dimension

The SM_Unfold option set in the sizebox calculation allows to obtain the value of the developed sheetmetal.

8) CustomBOM

Implemented option to allow the definition of a label for the SumColumns function. The modification now allows setting the LABEL colRel parameter, String. Where: colRel defines the displacement with respect to the column containing the sum. For example -1 means the previous column. Instead, the string is the value of the label to be set in the cell. Example: SUM (C7) after 5 LABEL -1, Total weight (kg).