IronCAD Mechanical V. 2018.02


New settings are available in the IPROSetting window (called from the Windows Start menu). A new Tab has been added to handle the catalogs to be loaded at the start of IronCAD. Added a set to automatically create a preview image file when save the 3D file (the image file is saved in the same folder of the 3D file).
Added an option to save CustomData to the file properties, when saving the 3D file.

Add Attachment

It’s possible to add a Description to the Attachment

Copying 2D files now also copies the .exb files.

Added the option to also copy the current scene.

Export Face

This tool has been improved.


Now it’s possible to get the text from a CustomData or a BOM information.


Fixed error in inserting a screw into an externally linked assembly.

Added the possibility to have a threaded hole as the first automatic hole.

Trim Steels

Added start and end tolerance for cutting steels.

Extend Steels

Multiple selection allowed to extend profiles to one face.


This tool has been improved and some issue related to setting of BOM information have been fixed. Added the possibility to pair two gears by selecting them and dragging the command with the right mouse button. Improved the positioning a new gear over existing gear. Added a new option that, if you find two gears when you start the command, sets the correct position.

Sheet Metal

Now it’s possible to export all sheet metal elements of the scene by dragging the command into an empty area. In addition to ICD export, it is now possible to export directly to DXF.


Improved management of shapes A and B.

NPT Holes

Fixed the issue related to the placement of the thread bitmap if the kernel of the part was ACIS.


Added an option useful to color the simple holes.

Get Coordinates

By dragging the command with the Shift key pressed, all selected items are automatically transferred to the grid.

Create Tabs and Slots

New tool for creating tabs and slot for sheet metal.

Pipes Catalog

Fixed pipe cutting problem when elements was in different subassemblies.

Now it’s possible to set the color of the pipes adding new fields into the DataFile.

Update All GenCode Parts

This tool has been improved. The performance in updating element is 80 % better respect previous versions.


This tool has some new functionalities. Furthermore some existing functions have been improved.

1) Calculation Weight

The calculation of the Weight in the BOM is 60% faster respect previous versions.

2) IPROCodeGen Expressions

Now it’s possible to edit the expressions related to IPROCodeGen tool.

3) Data and Property

A new option is available to automatically copy the CustomData of the parent element and its linked elements in the file properties.

4) Categories

a. Filter by Category

It has been added the ability to filter BOM elements through a list of Categories.

b. Exclude Categories

Added the ability to define categories to exclude from the list

5) Excel

a. Exporting images

A new section in ProActiveManager settings allows you to define whether to export the individual images for each BOM element to Excel.

b. Preview Import Excel Files

When you import an Excel file into the BOM, you can now see a preview, and the different row it will be marked with the pencil icon.

6)Zoom to Selection

Added new command in the action bar: Zoom to Selection; clicking on the icon will zoom in the item, and if you repeatedly click on the command over, the rotation will also be activated in the six canonical views: front, top, left, right, back and bottom.