IronCAD Mechanical V. 2017.03

Fasteners & Component

The tools “Fastener” and “Steels” have been improved. Furthermore on all components of the IC-Mech catalog, two new buttons are available to open the related data files.


Some new Pulley components have been added to the library


This tool has been improved. Some functions have been rewritten in order to improve performances and usability.

Capture Image

The Capture Image tool has a new button useful to capture the image of the current selection. Furthermore the quality of the captured image has been improved.


This tool has been rewritten in order to improve the scalability of the element and the usability of the tool. The UI allow the customer to better control the 3D model.

Numbering Elements

The tool has been improved and enhanced with new features. In this version is possible to define and control the field Category. Furthermore the numbering items are available in the dialogs related to Save, Save As and LinkManager.

Replace Elements

This new tool allow the customer to replace an element in the active scene with another external linked element. The UI allow the customer to define the related to the replacement.

Insert Element

This new tool allow customer to manage an UserLibrary of models. The UI of the tool allow the customer to browse the Library and to place the element into the scene. An option allow to insert the model as external linked model. Double clicking on the inserted element it’s possible to edit or replace it.

Export Elements

Adding to the element name correction option (for AutoCAD and MicroStation compatibility)

Export Face

This tool has been improved in order to work also on scene having Units set to inches. With this new version is possible to export the BSplines a stroked segments. The IPROSettings program has a section useful to set this parameter.


It has been enhanced to include new settings.

Code Generator

This tool has been improved. In this version is possible to get some new types of variables, and it’s possible to define a standard template of variables.

Create PROActiveParts


The tool has been enhanced to allow the change of parameters via Excel.


In this version is it possible to define some tags that are evaluate during the placement of the PROActivePart:


This tag means that this parameter will be inserted manually by the user. If you insert a numerical value after the @, this value will be used as default.


in this example the values @71.5 - @37 - @45 can be changed and entered manually

[ x1;x2;x3;…;xn ]

This tag means that the user will be choose between a series of defined values. The defined values must to be placed inside the [] chars, and must to be separated by a semicolon.


[5;8;10] - in this example the values 5 - 8 - 10 will be available in the combobox


This tag means that this parameter will be inserted manually by the user. The value of the parameter must be between xMin and xMax.


<80;250> - in this example, you can manually enter a value between 80 and 250

Edit TitleBlock

Enhanced and added the ability to create QRCode.

ProActive Manager

This tool has been improved in several sections of the UI. It has some new functionalities about import and export data. The BOM creation and export have been improved.

1) Color/Category

Added color and category in the properties. The color can be chosen from RAL or Pantone, the category can be defined by the user.

2) Import/Export CustomData

A couple of dropdown menu allow users to import export CustomData to MSExcel or CSV files

3) Settings to MSExcel export

A new section in the IPROActiveManager settings allow users to better define the export to MSExcel, now you can export the image and the properties, and choose which row to start exporting the BOM.

4) More Tags available in the BOM Configuration dialog

New tags are available in the Tag list of BOM configuration, Row Counter, Surface and Volume of element

5) IPROAttachments

IPROAttachments are directly available in the dialog of IPROActiveManager. Users can say them, or they can directly attach a new document to the selected element.

6) Search functionalities

Search functionalities has been improved. Selecting the “Search Result” node is now possible to create a BOM of the found elements or to manage them with other tools available in IPROActiveManager