Place Belt

Belt alt > Belt The Place Belt tool is used to place automatically belt around a selection of pulley.


  1. Drag and Drop the command into the scene,
  2. Select two or more Pulley to use as references,
  3. Optional, Set BOM information,
  4. Confirm your choice.

If you want to apply directly the belt, select first the pulleys and then release the command in the scene with the right mouse button; this way you avoid all choices and appears only the last dialog.

If the position of the pulleys has been changed, it is possible to regenerate the size of the belt simply by double clicking on the belt itself (or right click and choose Add-on Properties)

BOM Information

The bottom section of the dialog contains the items useful to set the information related to the component. Belt The section is divided in two parts: BOM Information and Custom Information. For a detailed explanation see here BOM information

The data structure behind Belt

All the data files related to belt are placed in the folder ..\Norme\Gears\Belts\Pulleys

This is the list of the files contained in the folder and a description of their structure:

  • Belt_AT.dat
  • Belt_GT.dat
  • Belt_HTD.dat
  • Belt_T.dat

These files contain the standard values related to Belt normative.

es. This is Belt_T.dat

## ========================================== 
## * Fronema Srl  -  PARAMETRIC LIBRARY
## ==========================================
#P  | Wid | Thic | Code | Description                       | Coding
2.5 | 6   | 0.6  | T2.5 | Cinghia dentata Passo metrico "T" | <W> <C>-<L>
5   | 10  | 1    | T5   | Cinghia dentata Passo metrico "T" | <W> <C>-<L>

The structure of the files are self-explaining.