Global Settings

In this dialog you can set the directory for Data and User files.

Note that some of these parameters are explained in details in other sections of this documentation.

IronCAD Mechanical Settings

Elaborate Automatic Holes If you move the bolt, also the holes are moved, and, in this case they are no more visible. This is the standard behavior of IC-Mech, that allow you to automatically update the holes as soon as you move the screw.

In order to avoid this behavior you can do one of these operations:

  • Disable the behavior in the IPROSettings: This is a general setting, and the hole will not be elaborated when you will move a screw; see Create Hole Locked to Fastener
  • Keep pressed the Shift key during the TriBall translation.
  • Create a configuration. In a configuration the holes created by IPROFasteners are not moved. (If you want to have a configuration where the the automatic update of the holes is active start the name of the configuration with + or _ chars).

IronCAD Setting Managements

In this tab you can manager the IronCAD settings.

IronCAD Mechanical Settings

Migrate IronCAD Setting

In this tab you can migrate the IronCAD settings.

IronCAD Mechanical Settings

IronCAD Catalogs

Here you can organize the loading of catalogs.

IronCAD Mechanical Settings


Here you set file saving, DXF export and file association.

IronCAD Mechanical Settings

Note, if you don’t export the BSplines in arcs, they will be exported in a series of lines