ProActive Manager Dialog

ProActive Manager ProActive Manager > Drop the ProActive Manager icon from the Tool Catalog into the scene, or click the icon in the Add-ins tab, in the IC Mechanical group; this dialog will open.

ProActive Manager

1 Left

In the Left Side scene management, here you can choose how to view the scene browser, in fact the icons in the upper part are used to turn on/off, suppress…

While in the bottom edge there are four tabs, the first is the Scene Browser, the second By Type is a tree divided by type of elements grouped automatically into: assemblies, parts, sheetmetals, 3D curves, external links, fasteners and steels; the third tab Included in BOM separates the elements included or not included in the bill of material; finally, the fourth tab Serach containing the results of the search function.

2 Right

On the Right Side there are also here some tabs whose number changes according to what is selected in the browser on the left.

There is the Scene tab which shows the properties of the open * .ics file. The BOM tab to manage the data of the bill; the Element tab which shows the geometric data of the elements. The Configuration tab that manages the configuration of the file and finally the Search tab, where you can search and manage searches for elements in the open file.

3 Bottom

In the Bottom Side of the dialog the Bill Of Materials is shown (normally it is hidden, to show it you have to create a BOM ).

Above the BOM grid there are icons for Exporting the BOM, printing it and managing its display, while below, one or more BOM tabs, with the name of the selected file or assembly, and in square brackets which [BOM configuration name] was used to create it.

To view the BOM you want, you need to create a configuration and set it in BOM settings to choose what to include, and how to format the different columns, etc.