Export BOM

ProActive Manager

On the left side, directly above the BOM grid, there are three buttons dedicated to exporting and printing.

The first, exports the BOM in different file formats. You can choose between:

  • MSExcel - exports the BOM to an Excel file
    • all Sheets in MSExcel - this item is visible only if there are several BOM tabs open and exports all the BOMs in a single file with each BOM in an Excel sheet
  • PDF - exports only the BOM grid
  • PDF with Preview - exports the BOM grid and generates a preview of the element for each row
  • XPS - exports only the BOM grid
  • MSWord - exports only the BOM grid
  • CSV - exports only the BOM grid
  • Open File Automatically On Export

For exporting to Excel you can activate multiple options such as two preview types and file properties, see here.

The second, creates a preview where you can see how the BOM grid looks on the press sheet and you can also print directly to the default printer.

The third, prints directly to the default printer without any preview.

If you want a different order of the grid columns, you need to open the configuration manager and change the order in the configuration list and then update the BOM again.