Export BOM

ProActive Manager

On the left side, directly above the BOM grid, there are three buttons dedicated to exporting and printing.

ico>< - Export Grid BOM in txt format or in other formats:

You can choose between:

  • MSExcel - exports the BOM to an Excel file
    • all Sheets to MSExcel - this item is visible only if there are several BOM tabs open and exports all the BOMs in a single file with each BOM in an Excel sheet
  • PDF - exports only the BOM grid
  • PDF with Preview - exports the BOM grid and generates a preview of the element for each row
  • XPS - exports only the BOM grid
  • MSWord - exports only the BOM grid
  • CSV - exports only the BOM grid
  • Open File Automatically On Export - is an option that opens the file after exporting.

For exporting to Excel you can activate multiple options such as two preview types and file properties, see here.

ico>< - Print Preview Grid BOM (open dialog), creates a preview where you can see how the BOM grid looks on the press sheet and you can also print directly to the default printer.

ico>< - Print Grid BOM (directly), prints directly to the default printer without any preview.

If you want a different order of the grid columns, you need to open the configuration manager and change the order in the configuration list and then update the BOM again.