RailingsXT alt > RailingsXT

With this command you can insert many different types of parametric railings into the scene.

Drag the command into the scene and set the options, to dimension the railing you can enter the values in the dialog.

Drag on element If you drag the railing to the edge of an element, such as a landing or balcony, the size is detected and set automatically.

The dialog box is divided into several sections:


Pillars (with base and extension), handrails, horizontal, vertical, panels and exterior; in each section you can select the element to be used and manage its dimensions and options.

Library Folders

The folders of the RailingsXT library are located in ..\ICMechanical\Library\RailingsXT in these folders you can save custom elements such as handrails, horizontals, panel, pillars, etc.


In each folder are the 3D *.ics files and the corresponding *.dat (text file containing your preferred measurements).

How to customize RailingXT components

In order to adapt elements to the chosen dimensions, all the models that make up the railings must be parametric, and be saved in the respective folders of the library.

Assemblies or parts must contain these parameters:

  • one named L which defines the depth
  • one named W which defines the width
  • one named H which defines the height
  • one named S which defines the thickness

Furthermore, the position of the anchor will be used as an insertion point.