Create interactive Pdf3D from IronCAD

IXP4D allows you to get interactive 3D Pdfs from the 3D model of IronCAD, enriching them with project data such as: BOM table, assembly information and 2D tables; It will then be possible to rotate and enlarge objects displayed simply by manipulating them with the mouse.

With IXP4D you can create interactive manuals, assembly instructions, presentations, product catalogs, and unique and especially interactive documents (readable with the standard Acrobat Reader).

Sometimes it may be difficult to explain a 3D project with a simple technical drawing or an image. Imagine you want to ship a document with technical drawings to a customer, without wanting to send them project files or want to let you know the technical features of your product in an innovative and interesting way.

"Pdf 3D represents a new way to enjoy interactive 3D documents."

You need a tool that can create a pdf integrating an interactive 3D view. The document can be read and printed as a simple text, but when opened with Acrobat Reader some of its zones are activated, turning into three-dimensional views.

"Pdf 3D is used in many areas, such as mechanical design, industrial design, interior design, and in general in all situations where the presentation of 3D models must be simple and effective."

I-ProCircuit - ToolsWith IXP4D you can create pdf3D (starting from a blank file, or importing an existing file as doc documents, docx, rdf, pdf, txt) into which to insert the three-dimensional model and accurately define the area where the Three-dimensional view. You can arrange the sight in the best way and choose how it will behave. You can also link the three-dimensional view to the buttons in the document to move the 3D model with a simple mouse click.

For each view included in the pdf document, you can define a number of parameters including rendering mode, lighting type, background color, add notes and comments, insert 2D drawing and other pdf documents.

Why use IXP4D?

Immediate:  In presentations, you can quickly and easily show your customers your interactive 3D project, a clear and interesting document that offers new possibilities in using 3D models.

Easy: 3D pdf created with IXP4D is extremely customizable, easy to create and edit.

Sure: Your project data will be safe because the 3D format contained in the pdf can not be used by the recipient for purposes other than display purposes.

IXP4D is the perfect solution for:

  • Interactive and multimedia catalogs and brochures;
  • Technical documentation: technical or product data sheets;
  • Order forms, quotes, commercial offers;
  • Documentation of components, spare parts and assembly instructions;
  • Product Presentation and Business Presentations Interactive;

Below, you can download some examples of pdf3D files created with IXP4D, 3D content is only visible with Acrobat Reader

Coven 1121-GCoven LA1Coven 1121-G MTGCoven Cassetta LA1

Coven CassettaLA1CSA Box Doccia movimento profiloCSA Box Doccia TizianaCSA Box Doccia Tiziana_BOM

Shield Motor REV3CPressBancone Curvoeasysteam

Appartamento D3EclissiArmadio LettoCollare20

EclissiStd 2400 ConveyorStd 2400 Conveyor PStirling Motor

Stirling Motor PTettoiaTettoia BPiedino

3D content is visible with Acrobat Reader if you have not installed the extension for your browser, right-click on the image and choose "Save As Object".

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